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2 year = $523
3 year = $748

ChainedSSL Wildcard is a 128 bit chained root Wildcard SSL certificate. ChainedSSL Wildcard is the only stable chained root wildcard certificate available - unlike other chained root offerings available, we own the trusted CA root certificate used to issue our wildcard certificates. ChainedSSL Wildcard is also the lowest cost chained root SSL Wildcard certificate available - at only $299, you can save $$$ over other chained root certificate providers.

Chained root SSL certificates such as ChainedSSL Wildcard are only recommended for low volume, low transaction value e-commerce and require a chained install (read more about chained root SSL certificates here).

If your transaction volume and value warrants an SSL certificate from a known brand and/or you require a non-chained root certificate solution, or you require more advanced site seal technology than offered by ChainedSSL, please refer to our Professional Level SSL certificates section.

We urge everyone to know ‘what’s what’ in all SSL certificates, so please read our FAQ and review the product matrix before you buy to ensure you choose the best SSL product for you.

ChainedSSL Wildcard key features:

  • Lowest cost chained Wildcard root SSL Certificate available
  • Only stable chained Wildcard root offering available
  • Immediate SSL certificate issuance 24/7/365
  • Multi-year savings available - 1, 2 & 3 year certs available
  • Automated online validation - no paperwork
  • Fully supported- tel, web, email- 1am to 9pm EST
  • Strong 128bit encryption, industry standard SSL
  • FREE "Secured by ChainedSSL" site seal
  • Risk free: 7 day refund and reissue policy
  • Ideal for low volume / low value transaction websites
  • owns the root used to issue your Wildcard certificate
Compatible with Internet Explorer 5.01 + Netscape 7 Mozilla 1+

ChainedSSL Wildcard is delivered to you through the world’s fastest SSL certificate provisioning system - you'll have a fully functional SSL certificate immediately.

1 year Wildcard 128 bit ChainedSSL Certificate = $299
(normally $349)
Secure multiple subdomains on the same domain name. With a Wildcard SSL certificate issued to * you could protect:


Without the need for multiple SSL certificates ensuring that ChainedSSL Wildcard is the Best Value in chained root Wildcard SSL Certificates!

Contact us for pricing deals on multi-server license ChainedSSL Wildcard Certificates

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ChainedSSL Technology Summary
ChainedSSL is a chained root web server certificate that allows web sites to conduct secure e-commerce with an encrypted SSL connection and is ideal for low volume, low transaction value websites. ChainedSSL lowers the barrier of entry for companies that want chained root SSL security by providing immediately issued certificates at the lowest cost available. ChainedSSL is issued using a trusted CA root certificate owned by, making ChainedSSL the only stable chained root certificate available today.

Comparable SSL Wildcard products sell for $449 each, while ChainedSSL provides the very same 128 bit industry standard SSL security at fantastic savings!


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