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Web Design Design Process

Basic Steps of the Design Process

Step 1: Defining The Website

The first step taken in designing a successful website is defining the exact purpose of the website. This will include the target market, creating corporate identity and researching competitors. Also, the site architecture will be created including areas of content and general design ideas.

Step 2: Prototype/Concept

This step involves creating a ‘mock-up’ of the website design, usually the sites home page. You are then in a position to review the initial design and the appropriate changes can be made.

Step 3: Construction

Each page in the website is now coded. This step involves optimizing image compression and image quality, checking download times and ensuring consistent design, This website is then submitted to the client for review and the appropriate changes are made.

Step 4: Post-Production Checks

The site is checked for overall consistency, spelling, download time, link validation and compatibility.

Step 5: Uploading

The finished website is uploaded to your web server and goes ‘live’.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can a website do for my small business?

A website from can help you to:

How long will it take to have a website built?

  • It can take anywhere form a few days to a few months to complete a website. The two main factors in the time it takes are:
    1. The size and complexity of the website
    2. How quickly it takes for the client to provide feedback/approval at each stage and also provide the relevant content (text, images, etc.)

How much will a website cost?

  • The amount of money you invest in a website can vary significantly depending on exactly what you require. Factors include how large and complex the website is, how many 'features' you require and how sophisticated the website will be.

What is your payment policy?

  • The general payment policy for custom website designs includes an up front percentage as a deposit, with the remaining balance to be paid on completion of the website development




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