Internet Data Exchange & Broker Reciprocity

IDX (Broker Reciprocity) for Wasatch Front Regional MLS (WFRMLS) is pleased to announce the availability of a version of our IDX MLS Search technology designed specifically for agents, brokers and offices who are members of Wasatch Front Regional MLS (WFRMLS)

Due to the nature of the IDX or Broker Reciprocity via "transitory download", live searchable data is provided by the MLS and we provide a custom front-end to the search.
As always, your solution can be completely custom designed to fit your needs. You can specify the functionality and look and 'feel' of your website or IDX Search solutions.

In addition to our standard IDX MLS search features, the following optional advanced features are available within this coverage area:

  • Featured Listings
    Show your listings automatically as 'featured' - enter only the MLS number of you listings, and our software does the rest
  • Advanced Search
    Even more options for your clients - Add powerful new types of search parameters to your IDX search
  • Full Website or IDX Only
    Our flexible solution allow you to add IDX to your existing site or choose a complete website with IDX property search.
  • Market Target Search
    Optionally choose which property types, regions or markets you'd like to focus on. Choose as much additional customization as you'd like to prominently feature your market in the search options you offer
In this area IDX is available to:
IDX via "transitory download" only
Brokers & Offices

Available Solutions:
Custom IDX based search via "transitory download"



Featured Clients - Search homes for sale in Utah, Salt Lake & Davis county Specializing in town homes, this search solution and complete site uses "web services" or transitory download from WFRMLS.

Customization is not only used for the design of the site, but the IDX solution is also targeted towards the clients specific market of townhouses.

This search of 'live' MLS data allows full searches and displays listing details, photo tours & virtual tours.



*The information provided about IDX availability in this area is deemed to be reliable but not guaranteed. Please contact us for more information on IDX in your area.

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