Internet Data Exchange & Broker Reciprocity

IDX MLS Search - Features and Benefits

IDX (Internet Data Exchange) has the potential to revolutionize how you do business.
No more work to update listings on your website
- Your website works for you and updates itself automatically from the listings at your MLS

  NOTE: Not all features are available in all areas, sometimes due to MLS rules.
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Some of the available features are:

Display thousands of listings You can display the listings of all participating brokers in your MLS.
What better way to show what you can do for your clients than by giving them access to thousands of available listings, not just your own - yet you'll still get the leads
Listings are updated daily, automatically Shouldn't your website work for you, not the other way around?
Our IDX MLS Search Solutions update their listings automatically. No more adding listings by hand - your website does all the work.
User friendly property search Visitors can search available listings quickly and easily without long and complicated forms.
This gives clients to return to your website, and you'll turn a visitor into a client.
Listings show your contact information Many MLS search solutions display the contact information other than yours - not so with our IDX MLS Search.
Why give your business away to other agents? If your current website displays the contact information of competing agents, you're likely loosing business.
Framed Solution or Integrates seamlessly
Don't give visitors the impression that you're using someone else's search by using visible frames that don't match your website's design. Show them you're successfully and professional enough to have your own IDX search through our framed and seamlessly integrated solutions or a complete IDX integrated website.
Establishes a client relationship Once a visitor has used your website, our solution converts them to a client by providing them several means of contacting you.
Visitors can ask for more information or even schedule a viewing with you with just a few clicks.
Maintain client relationships Your IDX Search Website can provide your clients with a constant source of information and maintain your relationship without any work on your part. Yet again, you're website does the work for you.
Display the information you want You be able to display more data fields (like square footage) than many current websites are allowed to display using old technology.
Example: If you specialize in beach side homes, you way want to display what type of view of the ocean a property has.


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