Internet Data Exchange & Broker Reciprocity

Integrated IDX Websites
Complete Real Estate Websites with IDX MLS search built in

You don't have to redirect users to another website to search the listings in your local MLS. Keep users on your website with your own IDX MLS Search built right in to your website from the beginning.
Our Agent Websites and Broker Websites are available IDX built right in.
To learn more about the websites, please see our Agent Websites or Broker Websites sections.

IDX - You & Home Buyers
IDX, Internet Data Exchange, allows you to display virtually all the listings form your MLS right on your web site. This way your clients have a full range of available properties to search through and you have a new and engaging way of finding new clients looking to buy a home.
Visitors to your website see only your contact information.

IDX - You & Home Sellers
Home sellers might be looking for a professional to sell their home. Having a well integrated solution may show potential clients that you are the realtor to sell their property - since you are actively involved in the showing of listed properties.

Can your web site provide everything the modern Internet Buyer wants - and earn their business?

Agent IDX Website Example

With an IDX Solution, you can give your clients the tools to:

  • Search the MLS listings to find homes they're interested in
  • Save listings with notes
  • Contact you to get more information or set up a viewing
  • Research home financing

And you can receive the following benefits:

  • Capture clients information from searches
  • Help distinguish browsers from serious buyers
  • Gather client data to add to custom searches
  • Allows you to accurately focus on your clients' needs

Advanced Client features:

  • Save searches, and receive email updates of new listings

We can integrate IDX into any of our Agent Websites or Broker Websites

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Advanced IDX Features
featured listings:   Have featured listings show on your homepage or other pages.
Specify featured listings by realtor, broker/office or other data field
advanced search:  

Give users more search options.
Results can be sorted by any field: bedrooms, bathrooms, lot-size, etc.



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